FinTech Due Diligence and ERP Execution Insights

Private Equity | 15 September 2020
Optimizing the PE Tech Stack

What exactly is an ERP ecosystem, how can it be effectively implemented, and how can the right private equity technology stach build operational value? In this report, we will apply our decade-plus of ERP...

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Operational improvement | 03 August 2020
A Technology Partner For Operating Teams

With the increased competition in the Private Equity sector, the need for PE firms to adjust to a value-creation mindset throughout the entire investment life cycle is a strategic imperative.

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ERP | 13 July 2020
Operational improvement: A PE Roadmap to ERP

When it comes to creating operational value for a portfolio company (PortCo), few technology improvements can be as efficient & effective as a cloud ERP system.

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Capitalize on Evolving Consumer Trends with eCommerce

Buying products online is, for many product segments, the only option customers have right now. There is no end in sight as to when things will go back to normal. Not only are customers...

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Securing Cash Flow and Simplifying Payment Cycles

For many, the headache of dealing with new administrative problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken time away from tackling larger business challenges. This problem is compounded by the various downstream effects...

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NetSuite Training | 19 May 2020
Master NetSuite ERP Skills | Cognita

In order to keep improving, Cognita is the first learning management platform committed to providing NetSuite content, courses, and activities to improve our team’s abilities and knowledge. The Cognita platform has training suited to administrators,...

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Streamline Go-To Market Strategy by Integrating with External Organizations

While the global pandemic has caused many businesses to suffer, certain industries are thriving. Companies in the airline or automotive industries are in crisis mode, but the grocery sector is blossoming. Suppliers of those...

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Multi-Platform Expertise-on-Demand – Unified support for all your enterprise systems

It’s no secret that the pandemic we’re living in has put a serious dent in most companies’ day to day operations, and caused organizations to re-evaluate how they do business.

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Trajectory’s Advanced Approvals Bundle: Increase Internal Controls and Focus More Time on Running your Business

Given the current unprecedented times, streamlining and optimizing business processes, particularly with respect to approvals related to expense management, is likely top of mind for most managers. With the recent sudden shift to remote...

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