Enterprise Resource Planning


CASE STUDY An Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation To Maximize Performance for Bond Brand Loyalty

Customer engagement agency turns NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning solution into a high-performance system

Recognized by Forrester, Gartner, and Loyalty 360 as a market leader, Bond Brand Loyalty builds measurable, authentic, and long-lasting relationships through tailored core engagement services. Their team of over 400 requires accurate project financial data to track customer success.  Following a management buyout from a holding company, they had to replace their existing Enterprise Resource Planning system and needed a partner to help customize and maximize the performance of their ERP system.


SOLUTION The right amount of customization ensures functionality isn’t lost in translation.


Client’s finance department had a long list of functions they deemed necessary in their initial ERP implementation. But when the time came to launch the system, heavily customized features wiped out many of the standard capabilities. Trajectory needed to simplify the solution while still providing the opportunity for customization.


We began by creating clear lines of communication and establishing an in-depth understanding of what the client needs. Our extensive knowledge of the platform meant that we could warn the finance team at what points their desired customization might, in fact, derail an important function. We encouraged their team to prioritize their needs and focus on streamlining the most important capabilities first. In particular, their project-management-based offering necessitated the prioritization of project financials over corporate financials.


Our expertise at second-wave implementations enabled them to provide in-depth support throughout the process. Following implementation, they were finally able to use all of the tools in their NetSuite ERP arsenal, including both customized features and standard reports. Trajectory’s strategy of focusing on the outcome of the project, rather than the platform itself, ultimately led to a successful, streamlined solution implemented with impressive accuracy.


“ Trajectory got us to a point where we had a stable, predictable version of NetSuite that met our specific needs. They provided support, good communication, and a good working style.”

– Carlo Pirillo, EVP, Client Delivery Services, Bond Brand Loyalty

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