Financial Close Software

Fast, Easy & More Accurately
About FloQast
FloQast is the fastest and most accurate way to close your books, utilizing a unique user-friendly process to reduce your manual requirements and ensure audit readiness. Is a simple to use financial close software created by accountants for accountants. NetSuite support your team with FloQast allowing your ERP to integrate with other systems such as Excel.
FloQast for NetSuite
FloQast integrates with Oracle NetSuite via its intuitive SuiteApp

Close your books faster with a streamlined accounting process to meet your deadlines
Be confident with reporting by automating mundane tasks and ensuring everything ties out
Work like a dream team by collaborating with review notes and task lists


Learn more opportunities for your close management software benefits for mid-market companies – ample features are available for your NetSuite team to increase reporting accuracy and reduce manual work.

Upgrade Your Financial Checklist
Transform your tedious Excel close checklist into a cloud-based collaboration tool for the entire team with easy to use task management software.
Organize Audit Support
Stay organized throughout the process by building on top of your existing folder structure.
Automate Trial Balance Tie-Outs
Innovative technology works with NetSuite, dynamically linking your General Ledger to your Excel workbooks.
San Jose Water Co.
Wendy Walker, Controller of San JoseWater Co. & SJW Group, discuss how FloQast helped with process automation
Ruckus Wireless
Jim Walker, VP of Accounting at Ruckus Wireless speaks to how their month end got transformed

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