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What is NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite’s Senior Marketing Director for EMEA David Turner explains. Learn what Enterprise Resource Planning is about and the basic tricks to improve your team performance WATCH NOW

Boomi Video

Boomi helps your company integrate existing applications into your IT ecosystem to help better control your business operations. WATCH NOW
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Optimizing the PE Tech Stack

This white paper is a collaboration of Trajectory President Alex Olano, VP of Business Development Marc Craver and Software Operations Executive at ST6 Partners LLC Casey Conner, in which they share their decade-plus of ERP implementation experience to explain what an ERP ecosystem is, how one can be efficiently and effectively implemented, and how the right private equity technology stack can build operational value. READ MORE

A Change Management Approach to NetSuite Implementations

Based on the Trajectory team’s experience completing hundreds of NetSuite implementations, Trajectory President Alex Olano and Trajectory VP of Consulting Andrew Andreoli, share a combination of best practice research and practical insights on how to design and implement an effective change management approach in order to facilitate ERP implementation success. READ MORE

Technology Partner for PE Operating Teams

This white paper discusses the evolving key role of a technology partner to PE Operating Teams, featuring a case study that demonstrates how Trajectory helped Corsearch Inc., a successful portfolio company, streamline its NetSuite environment throughout its investment lifecycle, in order to optimize its operations. READ MORE

CIO Review

Trajectory’s CEO tells us how meticulous cutover implementation is the key. Get to know our team leader and learn from his ERP experiences READ MORE

From QuickBooks to Cloud Financials

Want to improve your business revenue? Learn how integrated cloud software can help your finance team be proactive in driving strategy and execution. Stop wasting time and energy, and take full control of your system. READ MORE

The Model of A Successful ERP software Data Migration

Successful data migration can mean the difference between doors open and costly delays during a cloud software implementation. Avoid headaches and get to know the best practices and receive professional advice. Optimize your enterprise resource management implementation and start enjoying the benefits! READ MORE

Private Equity Roadmap to ERP | Insight 2019

Critical insights for Operational Groups to understand where in the deal cycle, NetSuite must be looked at to maximize operational improvement for portcos. Based on 16+ PE-backed Enterprise Resource Planning Diligence projects ran in 2018. READ MORE

The Complete NetSuite Implementation Guide

Want to run a successful ERP implementation project? This guide covers all of the critical steps you need to follow in order to align your company for ERP project success. READ MORE

NetSuite Implementation Checklist

Resource and project planning are vital to any successful implementation. In this checklist, you will find the ideal responsibility map and the keys to walking through every step of the implementation with confidence. READ MORE
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