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ERP Assessment and Optimization
Module use assessment will help you obtain the maximum benefit from your ERP software environment whilst lowering the costs of support and avoiding pricey updates. Furthermore, our NetSuite Tutorial services will ensure you have the knowledge to continuously upkeep the system and adjust to organization growth.
No matter how well your implementation went and how well your organization uses it, you'll need to keep up with changes. We offer hassle-free module use assessments, best practice NetSuite Training, tutorial to assess and evaluate the way your organization uses it. With this information, we can determine how best to carry your goals, key processes, and work teams. Our enterprise resource planning systems support service team makes sure you're confident with making the system work for you.
Top three reasons to optimize

Trajectory's goal in solution assessment is to determine how your existing software can better support you, and which tactical and operational enhancements can help your users drive your organization toward its goals. Via best practices we tailor cloud solutions that give you full control of your business.

Better return on investment

Trajectory makes software implementation costs more affordable and valuable by focusing on reducing the costs of recurring manual labor or frequent bug fixes. We perform user license audits and reduction recommendations, create a custom cloud solution to provide access to data without licenses, and advise on low software implementation cost approaches.

Lower implementation cost

We start each analysis by listening to your stakeholders and leadership, which allows us to create clearly defined priorities, goals and parameters. We assess each of our recommendations against these goals, resulting in realistic, relevant proposals that are aimed at driving immediate improvements.

Actionable recommendations & NetSuite Training
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